Freitag, 18. August 2017

IAST#208 (Happy 4th Anniversary!) and DIVA Challenge #329

First of all I send my congratulations and best wishes to Adele Bruno, who has been  running her
"It`s a String Thing" challenge for four years now!

I am proud to be a follower of this challenge for two years. I clearly remember my first contribution, it was exactly the second anniversary , IAST#104, with two candles as string.

One year later, 2016, we drew the same string with three candles, that was IAST#156.

And now another year has flown away... the string has four candles this week, and I wonder if there will be five candles next year?

I love to read the posts on Adeles blog "Tickled To Tangle" and I am looking forward to the next ones...
This is my contribution to IAST#208. The background has been created by my CZT friend Sabrina Stein, using dry pastels.
She gave it to me some weeks ago and I thought it were a good occasion to use it. The colours give a perfect light to the candles..

The tangles are : Knightsbridge (ZT), Trella (Adele Bruno) , Copada (Margaret Bremner), Wud (Joni Feddersen)

The theme of this week´s DIVA Challenge is a Fragment.
Guest Blogger Marguerite Samama , CZT from the Netherlands, wrote some interesting words about fragments and challenged us to tangle a tile using the fragment "D1" from the Zentangle Primer.
If you would like to see the fragment in detail, look here

This is my D1 tangle. I used several variations of the fragment.

Last not least I show you my today´s tangle. I used a new tangle of Sabrina Stein from Berlin. She published the tangle "Spanflow" on her blog last weekend and I drew it for the first time today.
Great tangle, Sabrina! I like it much!
I hope you like my tile..

Sonntag, 13. August 2017

DIVA Challenge #328- "Aloha" and Lonetta`s Mosaic Project TMP#9

Another week with a Guest Blogger on DIVAS Blog... This week Suzanne Fluhr challenged us to create a Monotangle, using her tangle "Aloha".
What a lovely tangle- powerful with high contrast and space for lots of variations...

I had once more the experience of the flow while tangling. I started with a curved line and the first leaves without any idea about the final result. I decided step by step about the next strokes, the colours and the fillings inside.
I felt very relaxed and creative and I love the result!

My second tangle project during the last days was the tile for Annettes Tangle Mosaic Project (TMP#9).
I am absolutely impressed by Annettes Mosaic creations. She gives the string and the rules how to fill them, many tanglers draw and send her the tiles and she creates mosaics by combining them.
The results are amazing and I will not miss any of these wonderful projects.

This time the string is one Cubine fragment to fill.
These are my contributions to TMP#9. The second one is my favourite ;-)

The first one... "quick and dirty" with Bales, Emingle and some Tipple

The second one with "Wells"  as fragment and much more detail work.

Dienstag, 1. August 2017

DC#327- The DIVA Dancing in Lisbon

This week the DIVA Challenge was presented by German CZT Henrike Bratz.

Henrike spent some days in Lisbon and was excited about the lots of tiles with beautiful patterns. I have not been there yet, but I saw similar beauties in Barcelona and I know how a tangler feels among this lots of patterns...
No wonder, that Henrike drew the patterns and deconstructed some.

In her guest post she presented her Fragment "Lisbon" and challenged us to combine it with DIVA Dance.

What a beautiful idea for this weekly challenge - thank you so much, Henrike! I am looking forward to meet you in October!!

This is my conribution for "The DIVA dancing in Lisbon"  (I love that title!!!!)

This was my first decision to have finshed the tile last night. Today I felt it too "fade" and filled the spaces. No idea which one is better, I like them both ;-)

Here is a "late" tile for the last DIVA Challenge (#326).
As `Nzeppel is one of my Mac`n cheese tangles I tried some more.
This one I like because of the powerful colours (created with Inktense pencils and some washing)
The tangle is drawn with curved lines, as it were  " `Nzeppel random curved "...